The City of Tucson Arizona informs its visitors with details and facts about Tucson Arizona. Tucson is a city located in the U.S state of Arizona. The city of Tucson its part of the Pima County. This city first visitors are known to be the Paleo Indians, who where in the southern part of Arizona for approximately twelve thousand years ago. Various excavations by several archeologists close to the Santa Cruz River had located a village from four thousand years ago.

The city of Tucson is located 60 miles north of the United States Mexican Border and 118 miles southeast of the city of Phoenix, which is the capital of Arizona. Tucson Arizona is the largest city in the southern part of this U.S state. This city is also referred as "The Old Pueblo". Tucson AZ is known to be the 32nd largest city of the United States.

During the year 1910 the city population had increased to 13,000. During that time the United States Veterans Administration started the construction of the Veterans Hospital. A large population of veterans from World War I began to moved to Tucson Arizona because they were needed of respiratory therapy due to gassed from the war.

Tucson Arizona has temperate winters and hot summers. This city is known to be most of the time wetter and cooler because of its high elevation. The weather in Tucson is desert climate. It provides summer and winter and three minor seasons known as: Spring, monsoon and fall. The University of Tucson Arizona is a public institution of research and higher education. This university is the first institution established in the state of Arizona and was founded on 1885. Tucson High School also known as the Tucson High Magnet School was established in 1892. This school is the oldest high school in Arizona. This high school provides several programs such as: Mathematics, Science, Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Technology.

The city of Tucson has a variety of fun things to do for its visitors and residents. Some of the categories of the Tucson events are the following: Fiestas, annual fairs, sport events, cultural festivals, etc. The Tucson tourist has the option to visit these events to get to know more about the culture of the city. The Broadway in Tucson presents a variety of Broadway presentations and other special events at the convention center of this city. Here, at you will find all information about Tucson Arizona.


Taking a Trip to Tucson

  • Take a trip to Tucson to enjoy the good year-round weather, the festivals, fiestas and the fairs. Also you can visit Tucson for medical purposes as we have the Tucson West Medical Center, a health center that treats weight loss and erectile dysfunction, where you can get your prescription to and other medication. The nightlife of Tucson is also a great feature; you can enjoy the great variety of bars and clubs like the trendy astronomy themed Sky Bar.

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